We coordinate LEAP, an EU-wide network of legal professionals, NGOs, academics. Read the quarterly LEAP report:

We're passionate about protecting the right to a fair trial - for everyone

Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us! What a wonderful #IENicosia2016 closing party with our hosts @AcceptCY!

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How #VirtualReality lets us see the Syrian refugee crisis with fresh eyes:

"For 11 months I never spoke to my family." Watch Bruno tell his story on pre-trial detention:

There's still time @harrystyles fans: Harry donated for #JeansForRefugees-- and you can bid on behalf of IRC!……

We're campaigning to to #EndUnjustPTD. Learn more about individual cases here:

1% of refugees are lucky enough to be resettled & start a new life. This is one family's story:……

Where does your country fall on our "Best and Worst Places to be a Girl" list?…

Everyone deserves #fairtrialrights, because anyone can be put on trial

The UN warns #Mosul could spiral into a humanitarian catastrophe. Here's how you can help:

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We work to reduce the barriers that keep girls out of school. Help us bring equal opportunities to #EveryLastGirl:……

In Zimbabwe, 42K children are malnourished. Help #EveryLastChild get the chance to survive and thrive:……

"If countries like Russia feel no pressure, civilians will pay the price" We call for EU council action on #Syria:

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Food and blankets aren’t enough. We need long term solutions to the #SyrianRefugeeCrisis…

Another bit of news from #IENicosia2016 - in 2018, we will be in Brussels! #IEBrussels2018

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Must-read & experience: "30 Days"- a refugee family's first month in the US. By @seattletimes:……

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