Access to a lawyer is crucial to fair trials, so we welcome European Parliament's adoption of Legal Aid Directive:…

We're concerned about abuse of #INTERPOL, and are campaigning for its reform. Learn more here:

How does the public perceive #civilsociety in Ethiopia? @FreedomHouseDC polled citizens to find out:

Our #NotesOfAdvice range includes Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, NL, Poland and many more

Learn how to use the Right to Information Directive in everyday practice to protect fair trial rights #legaltraining

Attention Nepali photographers and filmmakers - this one is for you! >>… via @SFCG_Nepal

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We're campaigning for simple reforms to protect against abuse of #INTERPOL's systems, such as #RedNotices:

The war on terror isn't working. We need a new approach based on young peacebuilders >>…

Azerbaijan's "Resource Curse": Will a new energy project power an already repressive regime?

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New poll from #Ethiopia: Civil society has key role in promoting peace.

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Check out the countries where @Peaceforce is using #UCP to bring peace to those affected by conflict @GlobPeaceIndex

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Why #Tunisia's proposed reconciliation bill will not help the economy.

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“Gimme five!” @GameofThrones star @liamcunningham1 plays with a refugee child at Kara Tepe camp in Lesbos, Greece.

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"The ways young people choose to change the world aren't going to be shaped by governments" - @MikeJobbins >>

#Turkey : Provisional release of lawyer & journalist Orhan Kemal Cengiz & travel ban ag. him…

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