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Two anti-slavery activists speak out in this latest interview on Mauritania: ‘Slavery Is the President’s Business’

Fair Trials has campaigned hard for the right of people in the EU to be advised by a lawyer

The majority of the refugees are entering through Elegu Border Point managed by LWF. Alert:

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Kwoyelo and Ongwen Trials Show Progress in Fight Against Impunity #Uganda #ICC

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Despite the violence, our local team is working in schools across #Yemen to give a new hope to children >>

Security concerns and judges' heavy work load reason in not holding #Ongwen trial in #Uganda

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"At that point, my quest to seek answers became truly farcical." @michellebetz on #INTERPOL experience

Angela Merkel says #Germany will apologize for Herero genocide - but won't offer reparations

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Why #Tunisia's proposed reconciliation bill will not help the economy.

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Yavuz Baydar: The largest clampdown in modern Turkey’s history @indexcensorship

New online legal training course: Cross-border Cases and Human Rights…

Peruvian ex- president #Fujimori requests pardon from 25- year prison term@justiceinfonet

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Staff engage refugee kids from #SouthSudan at our CFS in Uganda. 2K+ refugees are arriving each day & need our help.

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The 1st series of our show The Team in #Myanmar has a pretty awesome opening theme 🎶 >>

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